A contemporary Chinese photographer, and visual artist who born in China, artist based in UK, Shanghai and Beijing, lives and works in UK and China. His engaged in documentary photography and art photography. 


09/2023- University of the Arts London, London college of communication

Major: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography MA

09/2020-05/2023Teesside University

Major: Media and Communications

Degree:Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications

09/2018-06/2020 Communication University of China, Nanjing

School/College: International School

Major: Media and Communication


"Serenity", "Memories on the Yangtze River", "Newcomers", "The Shard", etc.


 China Photography Magazine, Yuanhuace, Documentary Photos, INNOMINATE,

 Nopostage, Dirtyfuture, Quick Image Community, etc.


2023,NANJING Art Fair International --【NAFI · FUTURE】Young Artist Honourable Award 

2023,Winner of The TERAVARNA International Juried Art Competition (2023) --Honourable

2022 ,Winner  of The International monochrome Award (2022) -- Honourable


2023,Tracing Online Exhibition 【 Who am I 】

2023,LostAndFound  Art Exhibition 【 CHIVALROUS 】in London,UK

2023, Nopostage Art Exhibition 【  Box Festival  】 in Hangzhou, China

2023, Y Manifesto  Art Exhibition 【 Becoming 】 in Paris, France

2023,Book Design - "Serenity" was exhibited in 【 WHITE FIELD 】 Art Book Exhibition in Beijing, China 

2023, Quick Image Art Exhibition 【 Xi Rang 】 in Hangzhou, China

2023, Farewell - Beginning--Contemporary Art Spring Special Online Exhibition

2023, Freezing Fog Online Virtual Exhibition "Presence"

2023, Boomer Gallery Art Exhibition 【 New Art, New Wave  】 in London Tower Bridge

2023, House of Art & Artist S.R.L Art Exhibition 【 Encounter 】 in  Milano, Italy

2023, Shanghai Fuji X SPACE & Yuanhuace Photography exhibition  【 Love, Here 】

2022,"Not Sure" was exhibited in the Youth International Photography Contest and Exhibition in the Nanjing, China 

2022,"Memorize on Yangtze River "was exhibited in the "River Scroll" column at the 5th Ningbo International Photography Week.

2022, "Serenity" published in the August 2022 issue of Chinese Photography.

2021, Photography exhibition 【 Precognitive dreams 】 in Shanghai Fuji X SPACE

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